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Plastic Recycling Plant

Since the recovery of the investment in Waste Plastic Recycling Plant is very rapid, this industry is growing very rapidly all over the world. The process for recovering plastic wastes comprises following five main steps: sorting, crushing, washing, dehydrating and drying flake, and pelletizing. Among which, sorting is the critical step. Plastic wastes must be sorted according to soft (ABS, HIPS, PC, AS, PP, PE, Acrylic), mild (PVC) and hard material (PET) since crushing, washing and pelletizing are different for each category. The higher the homogeneity of the sorted plastic waste is, the better it is for subsequent steps. For example; polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bottles are hard to tell apart from PET bottles, but one stray PVC bottle in a melt of 10,000 PET bottles can ruin the entire batch. It's understandable why purchasers of recycled plastics want to make sure that the plastic is sorted properly.

To learn more, please visit http://www.lotfi.net/recycle/plastic.html and watch the following video:



TEPSMART is currently providing turnkey project solution for PET Recycling Plant to make PET Flake & HDPE Recyling Plant to make HDPE Flake or Pellet. Our typical plant capacity is from 200kg/hr to 2000kg/hr. Our plant includes waste water treatment system which minimize the use of water and thus cost of production.

Process of PET Recyling Plant:

Sorting of PET Bottle-->Crushing-->Labels & Dirt Separation-->Prewashing & Bottle Cap Separation-->PET Flake Cold Washing-->PET Flake Hot Washing (Optional: Required for very Dirty PET Bottle)-->Dehydrating & Drying PET Flake-->Bagging of Clean PET Flake

Process of HDPE Recycling Plant:
Sorting of HDPE-->Crushing-->Grinding-->Labels & Dirt Separation-->Prewashing & Cap Separation-->HDPE Flake Cold Washing-->Dehydrating & Drying HDPE Flake-->Pelletizing-->Bagging of Clean HDPE Pellets
If you are interested to set up a PET recycling plant or HDPE recycling plant, please email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for detailed turnkey project information and price quotation.